The "Nowolipki"
State Centre of Arts

Beautifully situated in the Muranów district in the heart of Warsaw, just a short walk from the underground station, is both an eye-catcher with its white columnar façade and a place which attracts visitors with its unique history. It was founded in 1947. It is where a number of well-known and recognised artists made their first steps on the path to art. Future artists and art enthusiasts have always been welcome at our unique ateliers. Our teachers, art lovers themselves, guide our students skilfully through every technical intricacy towards independent creative work. We cooperate with a number of cultural institutions, NGOs and artistic circles to organise art events, exhibitions, concerts and competitions. 

‘Nowolipki’ has a truly creative atmosphere. Our class participants together with us contribute to it. We support young people's artistic talents by teaching them technique and encouraging their creativity in various fields of art. We work to inspire and support the participants of our classes in their projects and all kinds of artistic initiatives; we also provide open art consultation services to all those interested. With skilled teachers, active artists, enthusiasts in their respective fields and with proper facilities for creative work, including state-of-the-art means of artistic expression, we are able to ensure high-quality classes. We educate children and young people who wish to develop and perfect their talents and follow their passion for visual arts or music. Our classes are provided at a number of ateliers, dedicated to painting and drawing, sculpture, pottery, jewellery, stained glass, spatial arrangement, intermedia projects, art theory, art classes for children, as well as in music rooms, where individual students can practice the grand piano, electric keyboard or cello.

Our main objective is to ensure the multi-directional development of skills, knowledge and ideas about art and culture, and to enable the formation of both future artists and a conscious art audience. In our mission statement, we also focus on awareness-raising, building experience and inspiring participants through cooperation with cultural institutions, museums, galleries and artistic circles. We are committed to promoting the achievements of our class participants, enabling them to contribute to the centre's cultural programme for the local community by presenting works and artistic projects on our premises and externally.

Our centre also cooperates with external partners to provide art classes for people with disabilities on the basis of original forms of teaching music and visual arts. We attach great importance to education in the spirit of respect for values, sensitivity to other human beings, tolerance and understanding of diversity and disabilities, and to the formation of pro-social attitudes.

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