The ‘Nowolipki’ State Centre of Arts is a Warsaw-based art centre operated by the local government to support the artistic education of children and young people. The centre is operated on the basis of a number of organised ateliers, dedicated to activities in the fields of visual arts and music, offering classes based on original curricula, as well as exhibitions, competitions, concerts and meet-the-author sessions. The centre's mission is based on the guidelines of the Minister for Culture and National Heritage and the Education Board of Warsaw City Hall.

The centre was founded by Ordinance of the Minister for Culture of 4 September 1947 under the name of ‘State Centre for Visual Culture in Warsaw’. Its first location was the Secondary Arts School in Wrońskiego Street, and then the Old Town Community Centre at Warsaw's Old Town Market Place. By Ordinance No 75 of the Minister for Culture and Arts of 23 September 1971, the centre was transformed into the State Centre of Arts in Warsaw and was assigned its current location in Nowolipki Street in Warsaw's Muranów district. By Resolution No 120/769 of the Praesidium of the National Council of the Capital City of Warsaw of 11 April 1972, the budget entity ‘State Centre for Arts in Warsaw’ was established. On 31 December 1998, the centre was acquired by Warsaw's local government.

On 1 September, by Resolution of the City Council of the Capital City of Warsaw of 8 June 2017, the centre was renamed the ‘Nowolipki’ State Centre of Arts in Warsaw.

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